KCIH is a fast-growing entrepreneurship center in Ghana.

We provide hands-on management training, marketing support and, often, access to some form of financing

Kumasi City Incubation Hub is one of thefast-growing entrepreneurship capacity buildingcentres in Ghana catalyzing the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country through its various interventions and initiatives.

Supported by Valley View University, National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP), Ministry of Business Development, and other private donner Agencies, Kumasi City Incubation Hub (KCIH) has in a very short time of its existence earned an enviable position for itself with start-ups and have been recognized on platforms like ‘NEIP – Presidential Business Support Program and SEI – School Entrepreneurship Initiative . KCIH was set up in association with valley view university Oduum Campus, the Government of Ghana, NEIP and other local and international Supporting agency to provide seeding and incubation support with a focus on mass impact areas and technology. Since 2018, KCIH has augmented over 500 startups across various sectors. KCIH is aware it just takes more than just an early-stage capital to get a startup off the ground. As a result of this, we offer entrepreneurs what they require most through seeding funds, incubation, mentoring, training, knowledge dissemination and best practice research. The purpose of these inventions mentioned Is to help turn the ideas of these entrepreneurs into a viable business KCIH nurtures a rare breed of entrepreneurs that have a supreme ability to bring about disruptive change in Ghana through a partnership with our mentors, corporates, development agencies, Business Angles, community and investors.

Story Behind KCIH

Our Vision

It is our commitment to provide the exact apparatuses to both local and international startups to shoot their activities to the highest level. Focus will be placed on quality as opposed quantity (not chasing a high number of participants).

Our Mission

Making a substantial contribution to economic transformation, facilitating growth and sustainability of innovative ideas and self-owned businesses in Ghana and African at large.

Our History

Since 2018, KCIH has augmented over 500 startups across various sectors. KCIH journey so far has had massive contributions from private donner who have come forward and supported the cause in championing these accelerating activities.

Trusted Partners

Our Values

People First

We value our members more than anything else.

Humility in action

Because we believe that actions speak louder than words – we practice & preach humbleness.

Mutual Respect

With diverse minds propelling KCIH forward, we believe that mutual respect for people & their views breeds growth.


Bringing innovative ideas to the table every time, helps starters and existing business adapt to changing times.


Great synergies drive great collaborative efforts onto the road of success.


Consistency in training, supply, service & promise


We abide by the law in each region & practice the same at all levels in the organization.


Developing & promoting a sustainable business model with the society, environment & employees at the core of it.

Being Fair to All

Fairness & transparency to all stakeholders – our customers, our suppliers & our employees